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Our members receive free access to our open gym, free access to all group exercise classes and 10% discounts on all Fitness Services, Fitness Equipment and Health Consultations.


Fitness Services

We offer a variety of services from health consultations to yoga classes to massage.  If that is not your interest you could try our fitness equipment or take a lesson from our personal trainer.  Look on our Services page to find many more.



Our fitness center has groups from the beginner level to the most advanced.  We offer a friendly staff to guide you on your fitness journey.

Mission Statement

"POW brings health and fitness to everyone, regardless of our age, body type, or fitness level. POW is truly for everyone." - POW Member
What we can offer you

Personal Training

Our trainers are awesome!

Health Consultations

Let us take care of you.

Open Gym

Something for everyone!


Get a  great massage with one of our excellent massage therapist. We have massage therapists that can give you a deep tissue, sport or a Swedish massage.   Come enjoy relaxation and forget all your troubles from home to work. Bring the whole family to relax and enjoy POW. Swedish Massage The Swedish massage is the most common and best-known type of massage in the West, and the foundation for sport massage, deep tissue massage, and other popular massages. As…

Group Classes

Check out the group classes we have. We have a variety of choices whether its burn off calories or to learn about how to meditate. To look at our class schedule please click here. Aerobics-  In this class we do exercises, we do in class include jogging, rowing, swimming, or cycling, to stimulate and strengthen the heart and lungs, thereby improving the body’s utilization of oxygen. This class will make you sweat, causes you to breathe harder, and gets your heart…

What they say about us

I love POW Health. They have great customer service.

Corey Williams

Jacob, Marc, and their team do a great job!

Sarah Anderson

POW is the best!

Dean Hathaway-Robinson

Meet our team

Jacob Noonan, POW Receptionist


Jacob Noonan is a POW Receptionist he enjoys serving customers at POW by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately; notifies company personnel of visitor arrival; maintains security and telecommunications system.

Jose Sanchez, Bilingual Office Admin

His name is Jose Sanchez and he is 26 years old. He is a San Francisco native and resident. He loves sports and loves to workout every day because he looks at the gym as his sanctuary. Jose is currently disabled with his left hand and left leg limited. He is currently going to a vocational training in Berkeley because he is unemployed. His drive and his aspirations are so ambitious.

Tracy Garcia-Certified Personal Trainer

Life is an adventure, filled with continual improvement and we can achieve our big hairy audacious goals – no matter how big or small! “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

Jay Hill, Dance Instructor

Jay is our sassy dance instructor that enjoys teaching the POW Group Classes how to dance and spread love positivity and encourage the members to dance like nobody’s watching. His goal is to make the members feel good and have them feel like they have accomplished something. (more…)

Christina Leffmann, Customer Service assistant

Christina Leffmann is a customer service assistant who will aide you achieve your fitness goals! She is passionate, and of course, loves all of the classes offered, but regularly partakes in Pilates, Barree, Dance Aerobics and Yoga herself. Outside of the Wellness Center she enjoys rock climbing and cycling. She would love to discuss with you any and all fitness goals you have.

Rhieva Hines, Receptionist

Rhieva Hines has just started at Power Of Wellness, and she really enjoys helping people in get healthier. She enjoys working with people of different origins, is very empathetic, and is passionate about helping people live a better healthy life.

Michael Curran, Instructor

A true believer in the cause, Michael’s goal in life is to be available to assist all who need guidance. Michael believes in a healthy lifestyle and strives to live up to POW’s mission statement.

Fatima Wesley, Yoga Instructor

Fatima Wesley work at POW of Wellness Health Center for a  yoga instructor  guide students in yoga practice. she help students learn correct form for poses. I also teach group classes, workshops, or one-on-one classes at yoga  studios, fitness centers, and related facilities.

Kenny Chan, POW Receptionist

Kenny Chan is a talented speaker and is a friendly person that likes to greet people and make them feel welcome. He has experience in customer service and knows computer software applications.

Scott Rittenburg

Scott Rittenburg, Graphic Designer

Scott is new to the health business and is committed to helping people overcome their obstacles to becoming a healthier person.

Amber Monasch, Receptionist

Amber enjoys meeting new people and loves to help out in any way she can! In her spare time, she enjoys getting massages from POW and playing with her cat.

Spencer Guffy- Fitness trainer

Spencer is enthusiastic about helping people complete their goals. He likes to be asked questions.

Kevin Morris

Kevin is a general office clerk at P.O.W. Kevin has worked at P.O.W. for only a short time but loves his work.


Nathan Fall, Maintenance/Groundskeeper

Nathan is an avid gardener and DIY’er. He enjoys low carb pasta and restoring old arcade games in his free time. He has a religious like commitment to maintaining the upkeep of the facilities.

Romairo Johnson – Accountant

Romairo Johnson is a very professional and well maintained young man. He excels in problem-solving and guiding businesses to success. He also is very flexible/adaptable concerning business tasks.

Daniel B. Halpern, Office Clerk

Daniel is our star Admin working the front desk and keeping members happy.

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